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On the Klondike Highway, just outside of Dawson City.......

......lie these tailings.

There's a lot of explaining to do in that one little sentence. 1st) Dawson City, Yukon is the city at the centre of the Yukon Gold fields. It also becomes the Base of operations for Raw TV/Discovery Channel's Gold Rush when the mining season is open (that's how I ended up there).
These tailings - basically a byproduct of running paydirt through a Wash Plant to recover the Gold it holds - were all created by Dredge Number 4, from its arrival in 1913 to it's decommissioning in 1959.
The tailings run alongside the Klondike highway, or rather the highway runs alongside the tailings for mile after mile. So much so in fact that it becomes hard to believe that they are man made and not a natural phenomenon.

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