The secret of a good CV is apparently to keep it relevant and short. With that in mind not every shoot I have been on since I started in the industry is listed below, also anything listed has been a project that I have done multiple days on or covered the series.
I’ve divided my credits into categories to make it easier for you to see my experience in your genre.
Contacts for my referees are included in case you’d like to have some feedback on me and my work. G


“In television, factual genres include news reports, current affairs programmes, documentaries, public ‘events’ coverage, sports and leisure programmes, consumer programmes, and specialist programmes (history, religion, and so on). Even within genres acknowledged as factual (such as news reports and documentaries) ‘stories’ are told—the purposes of factual genres in the mass media include entertaining as well as informing.”

Paul Whitehouse: Our Rivers (BBC) 2022
Inside the Factory XL (2022) BBC
Crazy Contraptions
(2022) 4
Your Body Uncovered with Kate Garraway (2022) BBC
BBC Maestro: Richard Bertinet (2021)
Inside the Factory – Series 2 to 7 (2015 – 2022) BBC
Inside the Factory - Keeping Britain Going
(2020) BBC
Your House Made Perfect (2020) BBC
Joe Lycetts Got Your Back (2020) 4
Snackmasters (2019 - 2020) 4
Secrets of the Mega Resort (2019) 5
Secret Life of Farms (2018) BBC
Dengineers – Revisits (2017) CBBC
Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge (2017) 4
Vets Special – Countryfile (2017) BBC
The Rickshaw Challenge – Children in Need & the One Show (2012 – ’19) BBC
The Truth About Stress (2017) BBC
24hrs in the Past (2016) BBC
£100k House & £100 House – Tricks of the Trade (2013 – ’16) BBC
The Town That Loves Books (2014) BBC
Surf the Severn Bore Challenge – Blue Peter (2014) CBBC
Embarrassing Bodies (2008 – ’13) 4
The Military Awards (2010 – ’13) ITV
Britains Biggest Losers (2011) ITV
Lambing Live (2011) BBC
Rogue Traders (2006 – ’15) BBC
The Edible Garden (2009) BBC
How Clean is Your House (2005 – 09) 4


Branded Content:

"Branded content is content that does not involve traditional advertising. It can include articles, videos, podcasts, and even live elements that bring relevant value to the consumer. It is not advertising in the way most people think of advertising (commercials, banner ads, social media ads, etc…). The key is grabbing the attention of today’s consumer and driving real engagement through content."

Make It Funky -
Showtime Fight Week & Fight Night: Joshua v Parker
Halfords Ebikes (Halfords website promo) (2018)
Showtime Fight Week & Fight Night: Joshua v Takam (2017)
Range Rover Evoque & Crossrail (2014)
The New Doctor (BBC Worldwide Trails) (2014)
Land Rover Discovery& British Young Explorers Challenge (2013)
“Home from Home” Butlins Online Promo Campaign (2012)

Reality: Uncountable Noun

"Reality TV is a type of television programming which aims to show how ordinary people behave in everyday life, or in situations, often created by the programme makers, which are intended to represent everyday life."

Jose Andres Family Food Trip (2022) Discovery - Madrid, Andalucia, lanzarote
Changing Rooms
- 2021 - 4
The Workshop Series 1 & 2 (2021 - 2022) Discovery
Memory Lane *Working title* - Michael Sheen (2020) ITV
Beauty Queen and Single
(2019) BBC
Gold Rush (Series 6 – 10, 2015 –’19) Discovery
BBC Sesh - Stand Up Comedy Night (2019) BBC
Gemma Collins – Diva Espania (2018) ITV
Factory Girls (2018) BBC
F2 – Lost in Europe (2017) Insight
UK’s Best Part Time Band (2016) BBC
The Valleys (2013) MTV
The Hidden Talent Show (2011) 4

TV Commercial:

“A television commercial (often called an advert in the United Kingdom) is a form of advertising in which goods, services, organizations, ideas, etc. are promoted via the medium of television. Most commercials are produced by an outside ad agency, and airtime is purchased from a channel or network in exchange for sponsorship of its programming.” Wikipedia

Normal People Confessional - Element Pictures/RTE Comic Relief (2020) RTE
Furniture Village - "Sleep Well" (2020) Black Lab Films
Euronics - The Euronics Difference
Oak Furnitureland TVC Campaign (2018)
Farmfoods “At Home with the Hoff” TVC Campaign (2018)
“The Nations Joint Problem” – Arthritis Uk (2018)
“IF” Dove Mens Care RWC 2015 Campaign TVC (2015)
“Election 2015 – Making it Clear” BBC General Election Promo (2015)

Documentary Word forms: plural documentaries
1. Countable Noun

"A documentary is a television or radio programme, or a film, which shows real events or provides information about a particular subject."

Britain's Secret War Babies (2022) BBC
Down the Clubhouse
(2022) BT Sport
Rock of All Ages
(2022) BBC
Our Lives: The City Of Horses
- 2021 - BBC
A Country Life - Series 1 & 2 (2020 - 21) Channel 5
Escape to the Farm - Series 2 & 3 (2020 - 2022) 5
Our Simple Lives (2019) 5
Speed Freak
(2019) ITV
Imagine Series -
Eastside Story (2019) BBC
Mind Over Marathon
(2017) BBC
Thailand: Earths Tropical Paradise (2016) BBC
Bad Dads Army (2016) BBC
South Bank Show: Russell T Davies (2016) Sky
Crimewatch & Crimewatch Solved (2005 – ’16) BBC
Everybody Falls Down (2015) Independent
Things Come Quickly (2015) Independent
Wild School: Black Bears (2014) BBC Worldwide
Wild School: Manatee & Howler Monkeys (2014) BBC Worldwide
Slum Survivors: Jakarta (2014) BBC
Military Wives: WW1 100years Anniversary (2014) BBC
Darren McMullen's Outsiders (2013) National Geographic
Nazi Megastructures – Lorient U-Boat Pens Atlantic Wall
(2013) National Geographic
Sex Story – 50 Shades of Grey (2010) 4


“a movie or television production with characteristics (such as conflict) of a serious play broadly : a play, movie, or television production with a serious tone or subject.”

Drama Reconstruction:

"In this type of film present day actors take on the role of people in the past and attempt to reconstruct events as they might have happened."

Victoria Bell
Series Director/Producer
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Paddy Collins
Producer, Director & Location Series Producer "Gold Rush"
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Director, Drama Reconstructions
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