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24hrs in the Past……….

In 2015, I was part of Marc Wotjanowski’s sound team for “24hrs in the Past” with Sam Palmer as my PD and Ollie Dahman as my AP. Together this unholy trio formed one of the “Night shifters”.
“24hrs in the Past” (DSP for BBC 2) took 6 celebrities to live and work in the Victorian Era, from the City Slums through Coaching Houses and the Potteries and Ultimately to the work house.

With the likes of Anne Widdencombe becoming a labour rights activist, Alastair MacGowan only being himself and Zoe Lucker not being within grappling distance of a footballers Wife it was going to be an odd one, but add to that the nightshifts, we starting the week with the Cardiff Half Marathon and nearly choking when I met Sam and Ollie for lunch for the first time it all became a wholly weird week.
The clip is from one of my favourite parts of the week, the Coaching Inn and the late arrivals. This is was Episode 2, so “only” 48hrs into the experiment but already the Celebs were “in it” and the effects were starting to show.

Even though the coaching in was part of the National Trusts “New Inn @ Stowe”, being there after dark, when everything else was locked up and crews were stripped down to a minimum, it was easy to get lost in the period. It’s one night shoot I will remember for all the right reasons.


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