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“The Euronics Difference” 30 second TV spot for Euronics…

Shot on Sony Venice using Cooke Anamorphic lenses this commercial represents a big step into the TV Advert World for Euronics. Alongside the day with Nick Knowles and the Staff we had multiple locations across the country. Shooting the Owners of the stores in their own stores. In comparison to the Camera and Lighting Set Up the Sound rig was pretty simple. Scheops CCM41 on a drama pole mounted on a Boom Buddy and C Stand, that said we did end up having my CEDAR DNS2 working hard on it too. The downside of filming on real locations, in open and busy shops is that you are sometimes in less than Studio environments. The CEDAR came into it’s own not only for taking out the reverb in some of the bigger shops but also removing street/road noise and also the fan on the follow focus set up on the Anamorphics.

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