Chicago Bears CapIt’s Been Awhile……………..
So, when I started with the idea of having a blog on my website, I thought “how hard can that be? Just need to jot down ideas when I’m in the car and then bang them into some semblance of cognitive thought and bang it on the internet”. And here we are, 3 months down the line from the last blog. I hope no one was holding their breath waiting for my next instalment.

What then, I am going to write about in my ‘Come Back Blog’.
Fancy hearing about what’s been keeping off the laptop?

In the last blog, regarding me learning the skills of delegation, I mentioned that I was working on a programme shooting in Cardiff. That was put to bed at the start of June. It was great programme to work on and I think it’ll be a very fun programme to watch. Keep an eye on my Insta for the TX card, when I can finally talk about the programme and the shoot.
For a one day of fun then you won’t go far wrong with a call to go down and shoot a “Sand Speed” record at Pendine Sands, again, we are sworn to secrecy until the TX of the programme is confirmed. Sorry. Needless to say, the working Title is “Speed Freak”, don’t think I’m giving too much away there.
There was a lot of coming and going about what would fill my diary for July. I had two productions in that for various reasons had dates moving all over the place. In the end, one job went away due to the fall out from Jeremy Kyle and so I went back into factories but this time on a different production and for a very different reason. Again, finer points have to be withheld, but I can say that it’s a new programme with a lot of different elements that should have you intrigued and entertained.

Self sufficiency took me to Mid Wales and to some of the widest ranging conversations over the evening meal table that I have been involved in for a long time. The self-same shoot took us all up to the Farne Islands – just down the road from Lindisfarne and Bamburgh Castle that I visited way back in January – to have a look at the Puffins and dodge the dive bombing Arctic Turns.

Most glamorously was the trip to Baha Mar Resort on the Bahamas. Two weeks in the Bahamas for a pasty, ginger farmers boy like me! Sure, I went through more than my fair share of P20 sun lotion. It was plenty hot enough too! The item of clothing that meant the most to me for the trip – for more than one reason – was my fathers Day present Chicago Bears Cap. One thing I wasn’t expecting that so many Americans have an option, and not many of them glowing about my Mighty Monsters of the Midway, or the greater numbers that didn’t know the different between the “C” of the Chicago Bears and the “CC” of the Cubs. Shocking.

What next? Well it's been 3 weeks at home, waiting for a gaggle of invoices to be paid, then booking a weeks family holiday in Cornwall for when I’m back from Yukon & Gold Rush. That’s right I’m heading back to the Klondike Gold Fields and the Beets Clan.

I’ve also finally put my money where my mouth is and bought a drone, only a little one. The DJI Mavic Pro 2. Plan is to take it to Dawson with me to try and make the most of my down time and get some flying time in. Then it’ll be into the New Year and having to do my Ops Manual and past the test/course to be able to use it for work purposes.

So that’s you all up to date.

The Next Blog will be from Yukon, so apologies in advance for any Canadian-isms that might appear in the words.

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