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The World's Biggest Cinnamon Buns.......

......are to be found at the Braeburn Lodge, Braeburn, Yukon. Why wouldn't they be? As with a lot of things in the Yukon there is a Mythical tale attached to their provenance*

So, how did Braeburn become home of Record breaking Cinnamon buns? Well, it starts with "Braeburn Steve". The story goes that Braeburn Steve wasn't always in Braeburn - and probably just called "Steve".

Before coming to Braeburn, "Steve" was involved with the Hells Angels. Unfortunately, "Steve" and the MC had a falling out, unsurprisingly the Mc won the argument. As will all disagreements with the MC, a price had to be paid. Luckily for "Steve" they decided to be "lenient" and the punishment was banishment, permanently, to a far away place. Now, in the Landmass of North America, far away places and isolation isn't hard to find. They searched the maps until they came across the Yukon, Alaska and Northern Territories, perfect. I never had the MC down as misty eyed romantics with a penchant for the ostentatious but the next part of the tale gives us that insight. They took a dart and board and, like a hero from Austin or Stevenson, they would let the fates decide.

Madame Fate plucked out a little place on the Klondike Highway called Braeburn, this would be "Steve's" new home......but that wasn't the MC and their infinite imagination, coupled of course with the aforementioned Romanticism, decided that not only should "Steve" head North but when he got there he would have to put Braeburn on the map. What better way to put the place on the map than for "Steve" to start making the Biggest Cinnamon Buns in the World!!!

So it was that "Steve" found himself headed North, on a motorcycle - maybe - with a Cinnamon Bun recipe book - definitely - little knowing that awaiting him were a name, a business and a LEGEND waiting to be born!

*I heard this story propped up in a Bar in Dawson City so it must be true.


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