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Geraint Lewis

Easier Said than done...........

Keeping happy amongst all the uncertainty that abounds at present isn't easy. From having work disrupted to Lockdown on to possibly more stringent Lockdown rules it can all be a little overwhelming. If you're starting to feel the walls close in a little each day or financial pressure mount then don't be afraid to talk to someone. Occasionally things make more sense when they are spoken a loud, or actually, the complete converse of that, the problems that have been spinning you round, when spoken aloud to someone else immediately become more manageable.

Be aware of what kind of news you are talking in, how much you are taking, where it's coming from. Is it researched properly? Does it come from a verified source? Does anyone need to watch 24hr news all day? We've started just watching the news Six O'Clock news and that's it. If you watch more than one news briefing then it's likely that you are watching a repeated piece BUT if you don't pay that much attention it'll feel like MORE bad news, not just the SAME bad news twice a day.





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