images of landscapesIt's been back to work with a bang in 2019.

It’s the factories thing with Gregg again. Lots of kit, noisy environments and this time a lot of traveling. Fortunately, the schedule allows for travel days and down days between locations.

Traveling is part and parcel of location film and TV, wherever your role. The novelty of hotels soon wears off and it’s very disconcerting when you get home, wake up for the first time and don’t know where you are. IN YOUR OWN BED!!

Whilst it’s true that when we go to places with work it’s not like being on holiday – even the guys working Holiday Shows will attest to this – you’ve got to go when and where the story demands, not necessarily where you would want to go.

Something that I have been guilty of in the past is taking all the traveling, at home and abroad, for granted. ANOTHER tidy hotel, ANOTHER Airport, ANOTHER few weeks in an exotic location. I was given a kick up the bum on this matter when I had to be reminded that I had been on a flight when the Captain had come over the intercom and asked if there was a doctor on the plane! Fancy forgetting that right? Well, to my shame it gets worse. Not only was there a call for a doctor, but it was answered by a bloke sitting in the row in front of us! He goes to the back of the plane, resuscitates a woman – full CPR – who’s had a “medical episode” then stays with her until he’s forced to return to his seat as we are landing. He comes back to his seat and the woman in the aisle seat won’t get up for him to sit down, so what does he do? He sits cross legged, bare foot in the aisle as we land. Amazing.

As we are disembarking, we get chatting to this hero who is not only a Doctor but an A&E doctor in Baghdad! He was totally unphased by the whole thing. He was even embarrassed at our congratulations and our newly found fan boy status. He simply toddled off the plane, through security and on with his day.

The fact that I needed to be reminded of this amazing bloke made me realise I’d turned into one of “Those” TV people. I was taking it all for granted and even as a bit of a pain. Airport waiting time, queues, people not knowing to get off a plane, waiting for baggage, you know, the usual!

I’ve been so fortunate to go places and get into places that other people dream and I’m getting paid to do it too. Yes, I’m working but I’ve decided that it’s practically a duty of mine to embrace the whole thing. Whether it’s a Doctor saving a life on a plane flying into Istanbul or having a travel day to get to a location in the UK meaning I can take the scenic route, I’ve got to make sure I make the most of it, have a story to tell and maybe some photos to show for it.

It’s not a 2019 New Years Resolution, but a new camera and digging out my GoPro have given me something to catalogue these times with. So, sorry for the Instagram feed in advance. Hopefully my next notes won’t be able “Over sharing”.

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