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Windy Day down the Bay……and my first injury as a pilot.

The blessing about the injury was that it was to me not the drone. I can heal, I’m not sure about the healing capacity of a Mavic.

Trying to fit in the flying with home life and work brought me down to Cardiff Bay just before Dawn. Hoping that it would mean that everywhere would be quiet and I could zip around and not get in anyone’s way.

The plan worked, there were very few people down there, the problem was the VERY high winds. The little drone battled through it though, zapped the battery and taught me some very good lessons about flying in the wind. Another important lesson was learnt camera wise with how much you can push the ISO and the auto white. When you watch see if you can see what I mean. I think it’s pretty obvious.

Finally, to the injury. I managed to cut myself on the propeller. Before everyone starts. The drone had been landed and powered down.
It was the wind that made the prop spin and quick enough to make enough noise for me to wonder if it was gonna take off on its own.
For a reasonably small nick there was a lot of blood. One Battery will forever be testament for the Windy Day I went Droning.


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