imageAt the start of every year we make New Years Resolutions. I’ve made my fair share of them over the years and to be honest I haven’t stuck to that many. Hopefully I’m not the only one.

With the addition of Social Media, we now have “Challenges” to complete through the year. Whether it’s running every day or taking a photo every day it’s something to focus the mind and try and achieve something we might have not have the drive to do.

What’s my Social Media based challenge?
It’s kind of a photo a day challenge, but with a twist, hopefully.
I bought myself a new stills camera for Christmas with the express purpose of being able to take it with me when I’m working and take a record of some of the stuff I get to see.
The Challenge I have set myself is to take a portrait shot, whether posed or reportage, of everyone I work with.

The idea is to get some good shots and hopefully improve as a photographer and maybe be in a position to pass on some good memories to the people who’ve been in different places with me over the next 12 months.
The Inspiration behind this challenge came from an unlikely source. When I was at the end of the last season of Gold Rush in Dawson City, I was stopped by a guy early one Sunday morning. He had been traveling Canada for a number of years making a photo documentary about the people he met. He’d done coast to coast and from the Arctic Circle to the American Border.
An amazing undertaking. My version won’t be so grand or as wide ranging.

All the photo’s will go up on my Instagram account under the hashtags: onsetportraits, portraits2019, soundmandoesportraits.

The image alongside is of the first two portraits, taken on Voltage TV’s “Inside the Factory”.

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